Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Economist covers the real crisis

The Economist
has published a number of articles over the last couple of years that have pushed the boundaries of what had previously been acceptable in discussions of the Thai monarchy. (See Monarchy is part of the problem: The Economist and The Economist from 1932 to 2009 earlier published on this blog for examples.) Due to the sensitive nature of this topic in Thailand the issues of The Economist containing these articles have not been distributed in Thailand. However, they have still been available via the internet and outside Thailand. The publication of these articles has also had a knock-on effect with other news outlets also becoming more willing to mention the previously unmentionable.

The most recent issue of The Economist contains what is probably the most open discussion yet of the issues surrounding succession in the Thai monarchy. Two articles, The battle for Thailand and As father fades, his children fight, both discuss the succession issue and the challenges Thailand faces in restoring democracy and maintaining stability.

*More analysis available at Political Prisoners in Thailand, Bangkok Pundit, Bangkok Bugle and New Mandala.

Update: The Economist has another article calling for the removal of the lese majeste law.

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Boonsong said...

This adds breadth to the matter. Thanks for posting

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